Friday, March 13, 2015

//Fashion Friday | Inspiration Find//

So this week I was a little busy and didn't have time to take pictures of an outfit for this Friday....:/
So instead I went on Pinterest and found these great outfit inspirations that get me ready for next week! 
All three of these outfits are so chic and feminine, and I absolutely love them!

Outfit 1: Is so elegant, formal and the color combination is beautiful! Love the dress! <3 p="">
Outfit 2: Is just so cute and the colors look so awesome paired with her hair color. The belt and heels are so lovely!
Outfit 3: Would have to be my favorite...I love leather jackets so this choice of colors and fashion is perfect.

So how is your Friday? I am thinking of doing more casual outfits on these Fashion Fridays so I'm excited for next Friday....Also I am trying to stick only with winter fashion because I am soooo tempted to crack out my sandals and springy dresses, but I am holding back until March 20. :)


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