Saturday, July 28, 2012

Point Mallard Decatur

Dear Followers
Friday Mama, Aunt Beverly, Uncle Toby, and all us kids went to the Point Mallard water park in Decatur .....Our orthodontist, Dr. Lew Sample, had rented the whole park and let his patients bring their families for FREE! We had a blast!!!!!
Thanks again Dr. Lew Sample!


Dr, Lew Sample and his assistants 

 This was an awesome slide that you go down with tubes!

 The diving boards!
 I love this slide! It was my favorite. Emelie and I went 2 times. We would have gone more but there were lines to be sure!

 The kiddy duck pond. This is were Jessica, Chase, Savannah and Blake spent half their time.
 The wave pool had huge waves!

 The pro bowl was pretty scary but fun!

This was the only picture we got because we were enjoying the water slides too much! This was just before we left......left to right Hanna, top row Allison, Me, Emelie holding Blake 
bottom row Jessica, Chase and Savannah! 

 We had little Caesar's pizza and finally got home at around 11 last night!
But we had a blast!

Yours Truly


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