Thursday, September 27, 2018

//I'm back. Older and Wiser.//

Well well! After 3 years of absence I am back. Older and a whole lot wiser. Looking back at some of my "post" choices I am a little embarrassed. But you live you learn. :) I am now 18 years old *record scratch* how did I get here. I am realizing just how different a mind set you have when your eighteen.
I cherish everyday and every moment as its my last. Summer has come and gone and with it my senior beach trip! So much fun! I am very sad to see Summer go. I will probably do a summer photo dump soon! But Fall is coming and with it lots of busy hustle and bustle. I really don't know why I chose to start blogging again now especially since I will soon be juggling 3 jobs, family, farm management, volunteering, & all around craziness. But I keep telling myself I got this! :)


Thursday, March 26, 2015

//Baby Bunnies//

Our first litter of bunnies were born March 16 to our great delight...They are Mini Rex/Dutch bunnies. We have counted six...3 white, 2 light brown, and 1 black/orange/white. We are hopefully going to sell them for Easter but don't know if they are going to be old enough by then because they were born a little late! 
Sorry for the blurry picture but they are so hard to take a photo of :/

Going to post some pictures of what we've been doing recently and an update on the house siding SOON!


Friday, March 20, 2015

//Fashion Friday | Black with a dash of springy Purple//

Happy Spring everybody, yes it is March 20 which is the first day of spring....Woot Woot!
It has been so nice this week; I got a ton of things done. These last few winter months of bone-chilling cold made me delay halter training my latest calf (Macie), but seeing as we have been getting beautiful weather I decided it had been long enough and have had at least 30 minutes of training and letting her out to walk and graze this week. She had developed some bad habits, but she is doing much better now :) Also my dad is putting new siding on our house so lots of construction going on around here ...I will hopefully take pictures.
Anyway got sooooo much done this week and really enjoyed it!

And as you can see in the picture above I cracked out my all time favorite black wedges and I LOVE them!

I am obsessed with this color I painted my nails...I love purple, and it's such a springy color :)

Well, bye guys! Happy Spring :)