Saturday, October 11, 2014



Posts coming soon :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

//Instagram Pictures//

Haven't been on blogger recently so I will just catch you up with Instagram pictures :D

1. It snowed a little at our house one week and then the next week it did a TON (yay) but I don't know when I will be able to post those pictures....So here are some when it snowed a little ;/
 Had to write my name in the snow!
 Blake fell asleep like this watching the kids play in the snow! (Don't worry he got to play in it too :D)
 Allison and Jessica having fun in the snow

2. Having families over and making up fairy tale stories for the little girls.

 3. Blake

Me and Blake (The cowboy)
 Mama had thrown our our jelly jar in the trash and Blake thought the last bits of jelly should be licked out :)

4. Cole

Emelie and Cole
 So chubby and happy.
 Early morning talks with big sister Hanna

Can't believe he is a month old now (Phew)
 Cole in the crib the little kids made for him ;)
5. This cold is driving me insane...(Our town)

6. Love having Courtney and Karli jo over for supper.

7. Chase found this fake turkey at the house my Papa's remodeling. (This kid)

 8. Savannah dresses herself every morning now and I see she has good fashion sense.

 9. and last but not least I tried straightening my hair :D It took Emelie 2 hours and then we did loose curls but it was worth it..... Not for everyday but sometimes.

 Me and Emelie

 Well that's it 

//Circus 2014//

My sisters, Mama and I went to a small circus that was coming through our town. 
Though it was small it still was fun!

The Loomis bros circus is put on by two families and my favorite had to be the acrobats, the Poema family!

 The lame clown (Not joking he was very lame) and the ringmaster

 This was pretty scary.

 Jessica and Uncle Toby.

 Secretly I wanted the tigers to bite this trainer's head off (He was so mean).

 Savannah, Jessica, Hanna and Allison

 Hanna, Me, Emelie, Savannah, Jessica, Allison and Karli Jo (friend)

It was fun but I do want to go and see a bigger one one day :D

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

//Happy 11th Birthday Allison//

Allison turned 11 January 25.
Happy Birthday Allison....You crazy dare devil!
Love you!

She had Brownie Sundaes for her dessert! YUM!
 Such a nice picture until you see Jessica swigging the chocolate syrup. (She is kidding)

Have a great day and God bless

Monday, January 13, 2014

//Lovin' Cole Landon//

Blake, Allison, and Cole
 Papa and Cole
 Me and Cole
 Savannah and Cole

 Emelie and Cole
 Love this picture!
 The cutie!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures of the little guy!

Have a great day and God bless!