Monday, September 16, 2013


Sept 17 and 18 is the last few days I am taking Vlog questions! 

So if anymore of you awesome followers want to add some go ahead now!!!!

Thanks for all your awesome comments and it is going to be fun answering them!



  1. Are you more shy or social?
    What's your favorite thing about blogging?
    :) Danielle

  2. I didn't have anymore questions, but now that I think about it I do have a few random ones! :D
    1. What time do you get your school done in the day?
    2. What are some of your favorite childhood memories?
    3. What game do you like to play with your siblings, or if you don't have one, what is their favorite book for you to read to them? (they didn't make any sense while writing it :))
    4. If you were giving any gift card, what store would you like it to be for, and how much money would you want on the card? (ok that was totally random, but I guess shopping is kind of a girl thing :))
    5. What are your future goals?(although I think I asked you that already :))


  3. I would like to know if you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you have to have with you?


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