Monday, August 26, 2013

Autumn is almost here!!!!

 I still can't believe Fall is almost here!!! Even though I think summer went way too fast...
I am so ready for cozy sweaters, crackling fires in  the fireplace, Hot Cocoa, Fuzzy horses, Autumn leaves and Fall outfits! I really hope I will be able to  find some nice brown leather boots before fall to go with all my outfits :D!!!!  


 early cold mornings
 Beautiful leaves

Sweet Hair bows


 warm barns
 Cute little watch

Cute outfit

 warm muffins

 Puppies playing in autumn leaves

Adorable outfit

 Cozy sweater

 Old ford trucks

 More leaves


 Can't wait to bottle feed another calf *wink*


 I love these boots!

 Hot chocolate

I love this room! I REALLY want to hang christmas lights in my room!


I stole all of these pictures off pinterest by the way!



  1. I know right??!?! GOSH I ADORE sweaters, and scarves! Man, scarves are so amazingly awesome! =D

    I love to wear scarves!! :)

    I need to stop. LOL!

  2. Summer is my favorite season and it did seem to fly by so quickly, but fall means winter is coming and while winter is my least favorite season, my little niece of nephew that's coming in December is definitely going to be worth the cold :D

  3. YAY!!! Another fall lover! Yes, fall is one of my most favorite seasons! The warm drinks, leather boots, mittens, pumpkin spices and everything else that comes along with it! :) Can't wait!


  4. At: Abilaine

    Yes, sweaters are so Great!!! Yes, I need to go shopping for some scarves *sigh*

    At: poem girl

    Summer some how always goes by fast :/ Oh congrats it is always great to have a new baby around :D Do they have a name yet?

    At: Alexander

    I woke up This morning excepting to find autumn leaves falling and a chilly wind blowing!!! Lol!!!

    At: Isabelle

    Well of course I am a fall lover who couldn't *shock*
    Oh! Everything you wrote down is making me more excited! :D

    Thanks for the comments



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