Wednesday, March 18, 2015

//Spring Cleaning Outside Addition + Pictures around the farm//

Tuesday was our annual Outside Spring Cleaning day which means all the junk, tree limbs, etc on our property gets picked up and burned or thrown away! One of the bigger projects was our big oak tree that we had had cut down due to it being dead and very near our house. So we had it cut down and kept the wood because we have a fireplace and we wanted to sell the big trunk.
Blake and Papa picking up trash

Cole loved riding on the wagon in between log loads.

Blake's favorite task was dumping his few pieces of trash on our bonfire 


This is the big oak tree..the kids love the big stump!

Loading logs

Then we headed to the front pasture of our barn and Cole's personal favorite place, the barn! He always gets small pieces of hay and feeds Macie them through the fence...He loves her :)
Love the blossoms on this tree


Cole always watches us climb into the attic and tried it today to my horror.

Blue eyes!

Maverick is displaying exactly how we all felt at the end of the day.

Now for all you curious people out there, my mama and old sister were in town that day. So I took care of the baby while they were gone and did help work the best I could with a camera and baby around my neck :p My papa is going to be putting new siding on our house the next 3 weeks so I will hopefully take update pictures.


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