Friday, February 13, 2015

//Fashion Friday | Warm Brown//

Hello everyone on this fine morning. So you may have noticed from this title that I am going to TRY to start doing Fashion Friday again on my blog, not only to give you inspiration but also to give me an excuse to dress up a little bit during the week. LOL! Anyway!
Oh how I love Friday...Mostly because it means the weekend is upon us, but also because I somehow always get things done faster and more thoroughly then any other day :) I also was told today that there are only 36 days left of winter (woot woot) I can only stand winter for as long as 2 weeks (sorry all of you winter lovers)  so I am REALLY looking forward to spring.

 Friday also means a TO DO list or goals for the next week...I am a HUGE list person. I always have to remind myself to not get too carried away with everything I need to do and overwhelm myself.

Jean Jacket: Gap
Grey Shirt: American Eagle 
Leather Belt: Body Central 
Black Maxi Skirt: Cato
Boots: Sam&Libby

Have a great week lovies,

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