Friday, September 20, 2013

Fashion Friday: Good Bye Summer Outfit

 This outfit is a final goodbye to summer.
I wore a lot of bright and summery clothes to honor summer seeing as in 2 days (Sept 22) it will be the first day of fall. YAY!

I have enjoyed summer but am really excited for Fall!

Pink tank top: Faded Glory
Butterfly skirt: Kmart
Silver hoops: My sisters
Pink flip flops: Old Navy

The whole time I was taking these pictures Maverick carried around this plastic bat and kept wanting me to throw it so.... I took a picture :D
Stay tuned for the next Fashion Friday :D


    Love the pink. It goes really well with your hair!

    It is getting really chilly around here. So excited about fall!!

  2. CUTE! I love it! The colors are so cute, and I just can't get over how cute you hair is! I love it! So wish mine was like yours, but it's not :) Mine's totally strait, the only thing that stays in for a little while is if I crimp it, which takes a while :) Anyway, love it!


  3. I love how simple yet cute it is! :) And that skirt 's pattern is so girly!!! :)


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