Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day Of Fall!

I woke up and a chilly breeze blowing through the house. I sat up in bed and said to myself  "It's the first day of fall" then sat there and let it sink in, then walked to my window and looked out expecting to find all the leaves falling in yellow, red and orange...There were a few but still there was a lot of GREEN! Not letting that dampen my joy... Today I am going to go out to our garage and dig out the box marked "14-16 winter clothes." Then I am going to get all my sweaters, socks, and anything else warm out :D

I am just a little excited as you can see but I have been waiting for this a long time...

So now for some pictures of fall food, clothes and everything else :D

 This is so true

I want this hoodie!
 These look so yummy!

 Want this outfit

 Waking up to these :)

 Need to start shopping for some brown boots!

warm monkey bread is sooo good

Candy corn and pumpkins :0
 Cant wait to hold a little newborn soon this winter! *wink*

Now for two pictures of my own

My dad bought Emelie and I regency dress patterns! YAY! Can't wait to start mine!
 I have been enjoying reading this awesome book and drinking chocolate milk :D
 That's all for now!


  1. I didn't know that was called Monkey bread? Well now that I think about it I have heard that before, ok so I learned something new today! :D Love it, oh and where did you get those really cute leaves! they're so cute! Yeah we don't really have red, orange and yellow leaves, yet, I mean we have kind of had leaves fall for the whole year, but our trees aren't the pretty fall color yet :( But I guess it's only the first day! :D


    1. Yes, It's called monkey bread and my Mama makes it! I got the leaves off of this website and just go in the top tabs and find fall :D

      Yes, we have a lot of woods along our highways and big hills so when you go up on a hill you look down at a valley of color :D


  2. Replies
    1. Yes, me too! Its so great!!!!


  3. My post on Fall recently was sooo similar to this one! :) Great photos! :) I love all the outfits you find! Ha-ha! I need to start shopping for boots too! :P I don't fit in my boots from last year anymore! *sorrowful face*



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