Friday, September 20, 2013


 Guess what? Our last four windows were replaced yesterday...So all the windows are done! Yay! 
I enjoy doing laundry a lot more now :D
 Me and Savannah
 Emelie took this picture of me with out me knowing. Do you see I am wearing a hoodie? *squeal*
 Installing decided to open a snack shop and sell Popsicles!
 Sparkling new windows!
Papa and Mama
 Blake loved the creek and as always ran in at a run....Who ever doesn't know Blake he does everything with Macho :D

 Splash in he goes!
 Love this picture!
 Heading to the cave
 Blake and Mama


Allison, Jessica and Hanna
 Jessica, Chase, Me, Allison, Blake, Hanna, Savannah and Emelie
 Love this picture!

Me and Emelie's  bunk beds
my room


  1. AWE! love it!

    LOL! Love the "popsicle stand". SO something we would do.
    The water pictures were great!

    YOUR BEDS! They are so cute! And I adore the little drapes you put around them. So SWEET! =D hehe!

    Missing you guys terribly!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your room is adorable! :D *jealousy*
    I love how modern...yet vintage it looks! Did you recently remodel it? :)


  3. Cute pictures! Ok I was looking at this post, and my sisters come up and sat by me, we all thought the same thing about the 14th picture, it looks like your holding your sister, who looks like she's mini, :D lol.


  4. Those bunk beds are beautiful. Sometimes bunk beds can look a bit 'boyish' but those are very very elegant.


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