Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rain, inspiration and some other tid bits.......

I am feeling very inspired right now...
I have been getting up at 6 in the morning and working very hard at my Math why sipping on tea in my cozy PJ's......
I am in between writing two stories...
I am trying to move around are  beds and furniture in our room to make more space but still drawing up ideas and plans....
I have been really enjoying the cool rain that falls every once in a while.....
Scrolling through pinterest getting good stories ideas...

and recently Emelie and I were able to curl up on her bed and watch the new P&P on her laptop!! It was really good and I loved it!!! So surprisingly the 1995 P&P and the new p&p are both equally my favorites! I love them both.....

Now some inspirational pictures!!!!

This is so pretty!
Really want this desk.
Beautiful flowers!
Coffee, books and cookies MMMmmm
Gorgeous horses in the rain....

Cute letters.....Oh how I love letters!!!!

Laptop and coffee....Perfection

cozy sweater

Rain drops on windows

More coffee and tea!!

And now some P&P pictures....

Have a great day and God bless


  1. Yeah I recently watched the new P&P as well, and although I had heard some criticism (a lot actually) I was surprised how much I liked it! Now I will always have a thing with the other Mr. Darcy, but I did like this Lizzie a lot, especially since I like Kara Knightly (or whatever her name is :)) So yeah I liked that one too. Not sure which one is my favorite, probably maybe the older one, but I do like the new one as well. Ok I will stop saying the same thing over and over again :P


    p.s I love how many posts your getting in :P JK. Your doing much better then me ;)

    1. Yes, A lot of my friends said the same thing and when I watched it I was like....WHAT!!!!!

      I love Kiera Knightley too (if that's her name) LOL!!!


      P.s. I know I guess I am just on the roll!!!!


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