Tuesday, September 3, 2013

P&P.....Just some funny stuff

Love when he laughs!!!!

This is so me and my sisters except it would be Mrs. Ballenger, Miss Ballenger, Miss Ballenger, Miss Ballenger, Miss Ballenger, Miss Ballenger and Young Miss Ballenger HEHE!!!
I am so sorry but I love Mrs. Bennet!!!
When I make a mistake in school....Or someone tells me a embarrassing thing they saw me do....HAHAH!!!

Ok!!!! My sister Emelie made this post and I stole it from her blog so ALL credit goes to her!!!!!
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Her original blog post is HERE!!!

So here it goes!!!!

P&P post by Emelie Ballenger

And now lets talk about characters!

When I first saw the Mary I thought WOW...She is actually really pretty! They purposely made her ugly...I felt so bad for her! Anyway I wanted to see for myself how pretty she really could be and I was nearly knocked off my chair!  

In the Movie...
Kinda ok....

And then in real life.......


( My reaction below )

I was like.....OK? Ummmm she would have had a lot more suitors if she had let her hair down and added a bit of makeup! Hahahahah Oh well....(:

Next up we have  Mr Bingley......He was pretty ok! A little silly at times but OK!

Below is my favorite scene of his. ha ahahahah
So then I decided to see if he kept that mass of hair in real life as well....and found this.

I was like.....

"Dude you should have kept the toupee!"

Hahahahaha Ok, Ok,.......Next up we have Lady Catherine De Bourgh
I think the new Catherine is much prettier....while the old one out did her justice where ugliness is concerned!

I checked up on her in real life as well!

 She should have bought the wig they let her borrow in the movie.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABABABB I am telling you my sister is so FUNNY!!!!

Love you Emelie

 P.s. I was thinking of doing another Vlog....My question is should I???



  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWE! when Darcy smiles and laughs ... melts my silly little heart everytime! :S Gahhhh! *starts sobbing*

    (LOL! not really! hehe!)

    LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! A Mrs. Bennet, a Miss Bennet, a Miss Bennet, and a Miss Bennet ... sir. bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! *dies*

    You don't know what I suffer! #EPIC!

    OH MY WORD, Darcy!! Can't be that bad can it??!?! hehehe! Love the caption you did ... that is sooooo me! Now I cannot watch that part in the movie without laughing my head off. THANKS! (LOL! JK!)

    AWE! Mary is so beautiful ... I think I would have her play someone a little better. :( She is absolutely gorgeous. OH! The lady who played Anne Elliot from that Persuasion movie ... well, she looks TOTALLY different with her hair down!!!!!!!!!

    OH OH OH! LOL! Mr. Bingley WAS silly at times! But overall he did pretty well. We call him "chicken hair" for short in honor of that do he had goin'. hehehehe!

    Lady C. was horrendous. But she idd such a great job ... love the look Darcy gives her when she is gabbing on and on to Lizzy, and he glances warning up from his soap!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


    Loves and kisses,

    1. Oh Abigail you are such a hopeless P&P fan girl!!! Wow that was a long comment you did!!!


    2. YEA, I know! Hey, I was in a very type-happy mood when I wrote that comment. LOL!


  2. Funny-awesome post! :D I love Pride&Prejudice too!!!

    Oh...and I most definitely think you SHOULD have a vlog!! :D

    1. Thank you! P&p is my favorite of all regency movies!

      Ok I am still thinking about it!


  3. Haha! I LOVED IT! Yes yes yes! PLEASE DO A VLOG! I am working very hard trying to get mine up, but I must wait for my sister to set me up an account on YouTube to upload it from there to my blogger. How did you upload your vlog?


    1. Ok I will see!!! Oh uploading videos on blogger are the worst!


  4. Wow! Mary is pretty in real life! And what is a vlog? :)

    1. Yes, Mary is beautiful! A Vlog is short for Video log and all your followers ask you questions and you answer them in a video :D

      Hope this helps


  5. Ok, thanks! Yeah, you should do a vlog! :)

  6. FYI we call Mr. Bingley the 'carrot' around here. ;) Watch North and South... better than P and P... You want a blown proposal.... oh my.


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