Friday, February 20, 2015

//Fashion Friday | Bright and White//

Good morning guys!
It's Friday again! This week has been really fun but I'm still looking forward to the weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday were probably the coldest days in Alabama history with STRONG winds and bone chilling cold but I survived even though feeding animals in the morning seemed never to end at times....But there are rumors that tomorrow is going to be 50 so (woohoo).


My sister and I found this amazingly white brick wall to take pictures at, and I must say it helps to brighten up winter pictures. Whatcha think?
This chevron/gypsy patterned skirt has been hanging in my closet waiting for me to put the right thing with it and I finally did...I love this skirt because of its interesting design and colors and love its brightness and it really just makes me happy...I think everyone should have an item that makes them happy....(psst I just gave you an excuse to go shopping) ;D

Tan Jacket: Banana Republic
Skirt Sunny Leigh
Boots: Jorie/Bongo 

Also this week, my sister and I totally organized and deep cleaned our room to perfection, so maybe I will take pictures of it and post them next week :)

So, have another great weekend!


  1. Love this outfit and you have the prettiest hair. EVER.


    1. Well Thank you Hannah!
      Also Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I just scrolled through your blog and I love your design.


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