Monday, February 23, 2015

//Barn Cats + some other cuties//

I just realized I hadn't posted recent pictures of our barn cats...Especially since we get new ones almost every year because we lose some and trade some to other farms.  So I grabbed the camera and headed out. We mostly have middle age (teenage) kittens, but we do also have a big mama cat... but she was out hunting when I came to take pictures (figures) :/

Dottie is the baby of the cat family and the kids LOVE her :)

Harold our handsome tom

Thanks to this cute farm girl (Jessica) for helping me pose the cats and carry equipment....LOL! 


Had to get a picture of Maverick in because his colors always look so good in the winter!



Dottie again!

My sweet Macie...Her jaw is tilted because she was chewing the hay I just threw her :D

Our pretty Cynthia

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures (if you're a cat person, of course), and have a great day!

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