Tuesday, December 16, 2014

//A new baby calf + Christmas Is coming to soon rant//

Well, I recently got another calf, and she is a DARLING!!!!


I named her Macie.
She is 1 and 1/2 months old .
Loves me already (she does bite the hand that feeds her though.) 
Is the cutest thing.
Doesn't like sweet feed yet.
Chases cats.
Doesn't like halters. (working on that)  :)
Loves sunshine.

So this will be my view every morning and afternoon for the next couple months :)

I forgot how busy you get when you are on a bottle-feeding calf schedule, but I am adapting as always :)

Also I looked at the calendar tonight and almost fainted...Christmas is 9 days AWAYYYYY!!!!!

1. I have a total of 0 presents for everyone in my family
2. My sister has ONLY JUST ordered our family photo Christmas cards.
3. I'm still doing school (LOL!)
4. and I have only been able to say Merry Christmas 3 times to somebody (sad)

So I am still trying to prepare myself for Christmas!

And I also lost a whole week of December due to a terrible, horrible and hateful flu :/
 Not fun! 



  1. I know how you feel! this christmas has totally leaped at me! Can't believe how soon it is!
    your calf is adorable.

    1. Yes, Christmas has came way to fast :/ But I am dreading after Christmas because thats when things really drag by :(

      anyway, Thank you for your comment!



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