Monday, December 23, 2013

//Well Hello Winter//

WOW! I cant believe Winter is finally here even though it's been cold enough for Winter :D

Dear Blake, never grow up OK! 

Dear Cold Mornings, get warm for me so I can do my Farm chores without bundling up like an Eskimo.

Dear General (Our Calf), Thank you for being fuzzy and warm and being perfect to hug.  

Dear Cheerios, Stop making me eat you up so fast.

Dear Christmas, Slow down!!!!!

Dear Rosie, please come home, dumb cat.

Dear Maverick, take a break from protecting me so seriously.

Dear Drawing Pencil, Thank you!!!!!

Dear One Dollar Bill, turn into a hundred bucks.

Dear Snow, Please visit us for like FOREVER!!!!

Merry Christmas.

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