Saturday, December 28, 2013

//Christmas Eve 2013//

 Hi Guys,
Hope you all survived Christmas! HAHA! Still can't believe it's over :(
Well every Christmas Eve we go to my Aunt and Uncle's to eat breakfast for supper, watch a Christmas movie and open presents :D 
We always have so much fun. 


 Blake enjoyed opening presents sooo much he helped everyone with theirs :D

 Grandpa got new slippers.
 Allison got a new lalaloopsy.

 Grandma got her favorite perfume.
 My family! Merry Christmas from the Ballengers.

 Papa (John), Savannah, Mama (Rachel), Emelie, Me, Allison, Blake, Hanna, Jessica and Chase


 Hanna got new markers.
 Blake got a his own dump trunk.
 Papa excited about his present.

 Savannah .....Most of her gifts were clothes so if she has different outfits through this post she was trying them all on! LOL!

 Mama and Emelie
 Blake got some more cows.
 Savannah loved her new doll.
 Hanna quite surprised about her new tea pot.
 Jessica opening her Frozen doll Anna and she later got Kristoff as well.
 Blake and Savannah playing with the nativity set.
 Chase trying on the funny curly head wig.
 Emelie again.
 Aunt Bev always wraps a box of just goodies, games etc for all us kids.
 Jessica again.
 Uncle Toby our  tidiest unwrap-per.

 Papa got a new Alabama sweat shirt.
 and for the last Picture Uncle Toby and I being twins.....Scary!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas Eve and hopefully our Christmas morning post will be following soon after this one.

Have a great day and God bless!


  1. AWESOME!!! Hoping to get Christmas pics up soon! the picture Savannah got the same Doc Mcstuffins doll as my little sister Prissy! :) And my brother bought all us kids a ton of wigs too!!! Pictures of wigs probably coming soon :D Happy New Year!

  2. haha! love it gal!

    OH MY! the wig was GREAT! :D
    You guys must have had an awesome time. LOL!


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