Friday, November 15, 2013

//Just a few things that have happened around here//

A couple of interesting and exciting things have been going on around here.

1. It's lady bug season again!!!  It was a warmer day a few Wednesdays back.....So there were MILLIONS and I mean MILLIONS of ladybugs swarming around our barn...The side of the barn was covered! It was fun at first when they landed on you but then it got really annoying when you had 7 crawling on you so we all had to watch each others backs and knock them off. 
Thankfully only some of them came to the house :/
There are now only about 15 trying to survive in the cooler weather!!!!
All those little dots are lady bugs!! YIKES!

This little guy was polite enough to stand still for me to take a picture :D
These were all on Jessica.

And you can't really see it but all those glowing things are lady bugs....That was only a few! Couldn't get a good picture :/

2. My Mama has always wanted a RED kitchen so my Dad painted it red yesterday! We all love it....He also gave the cabinets a nice new layer of white and brand new black handles.
It now only needs just a few decorations and it will look perfect ;D

3. Because we are getting ready for are potluck fall party we have been setting up activities such as this small tin can shooting range (We use BB guns) It turned out really fun!

The shooting course.

In this picture you can see the two lines we spray painted on the ground... The line nearest the wheel barrel is for the less advanced and the line farther back is for the advanced shooters.... Such as myself *wink* LOL!   

The path to the course! 
Spray painting the cans.

Last Saturday was our (Ballenger family) pot-luck Fall Get-Together.....It had a great turn out and I am trying to get all the pictures that were taken that day from cameras, phones and anything else! 
It's a long process!
That's about it except for it getting really cold around here! Been enjoying are cozy fireplace ;)
Have a great day and God bless


  1. I want to shoot a BB gun! :D Can I have a turn Marissa? :P Can't wait for the other pictures! Yes it is definitely lady bug season, we have so many lady bugs in our room it's annoying! No one else has any, but our room. Annoying!


  2. Yeah, we are having the same problem with the ladybugs!


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