Thursday, November 21, 2013

//Ballengers Potluck Fall Get Together//

Our Potluck Fall get together was on November 9 and it was the perfect weather!

There is a few more pictures that need to add to this post but instead of waiting on them I decided to bite the bullet and just go and post what I had......I will probably update this post with a few more pictures tonight  :D

We had a great turn out and a lot of familes came :D

I wish we had more pictures but we were having too much fun!!!!


Uncle Toby, Justice and Liberty 
 Getting ready!

One of the many volleyball games

 Mercy, Jessica, Verity and Chase

Setting up the tin cans for the BB-gun shoot.....
Chase, Allison and Papa....Angel and Maverick (The dogs)
Jessica and I
(You can see better pictures of the tin can course in THIS post) 

 Jeb and me looking like a secretary taking down all the points! LOL!!

 Caleb and  Jeb were quite impressive with their BB-guns that (If you can call them that) blew HUGE holes in our cans :D

 The little group of kids
L to R
Justice, Savannah, Liberty, Liddy and Liana 
 Mama and Blake 
 The Little General a little tired from all the petting. 

There was tons of good chili, stew, soup, muffins, cookies and hot apple cider :D

Wilkes enjoying some chocolate! HAHA!!!
 Getting ready for war

 The bonfire was very cozy and was a perfect ending to the party! 

Hopfully we will be able to do this again next year!!!


  1. OOoooohhh that looks like so much fun!!! OK now I'm in the mood for a families get to gather thanks to you Marissa :D


    1. HaHa! Yes, it was tons of fun.......You welcome maybe some year you could join us? *wink*



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