Friday, November 29, 2013

//Happy Thanksgiving//

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am finally, late as always, getting around to posting this post today.
Anyway, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my Papa's family and had a lot of good food and desserts.  I enjoyed watching the Macy's parade and hanging out with my family! 
Well, I don't think we took any pictures.... yes, I know, shocking right?  I usually take pictures of every event, but we didn't! 

I am going to make a little list of what I am thankful for and it's only some of it because I would be writing all my life if I tried! 

1. I am Thankful for a family that loves me
2. I am Thankful for parents that love each other
3. I am Thankful for a warm house 
4. I am Thankful for plenty of property in the beautiful country. 
5. I am Thankful for a wonderful sister that shares a room with me :D
5. I am Thankful for a lot of siblings.
6. I am Thankful that all of us have our health.
7. I am Thankful for a free country I live in.
8. I am Thankful that we can worship God freely 
9. I am Thankful for easy technology like the cell phone, computer, etc
10. I am Thankful for everything God gave to us.

Well that's 10 and I highly suggest you make a short/long list of what you're thankful for because it always makes me feel better. 

Thanksgiving night was pre-BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! Many people HATE Black Friday, but I enjoy it!
So My Aunt and Uncle took Emelie, Allison and Me out to shop at Wal-mart, Belk and K-Mart. We got some great deals and Christmas ideas. Wal-mart was the most packed and people were parking on the grass and all hurrying in to get their deals....HAHA! We came home super late and tired but had a very fun day. So I survived Black Friday......I know Black friday isn't over but I probably won't be going out today so I am pretty satisfied. 

How was your Thanksgiving day?

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