Friday, November 29, 2013

//A VIsit From The Erretts//

Last Friday evening we had the Errett family over for supper.  After supper, why the adults talked, Emelie and I entertained the little kids with a doll hospital!

Their little girls are so sweet!

The mothers, patients, nurses and Doctor Chase
Ward 1.
Ward 2. Nurse Allison checking Anna's eyes!! LOL!!!!
Doctor Chase and Nurse Hanna checking Katie's temperature. 
Thankfully Anna passed Allison's test with flying colors :D
Nurse Jessica with three orphaned babies named L to R
Melody, Cassidy and Canyon 
(notice the baby with a poka-dot sock on its head) LOL! 
Allison with one of the Mothers (Ellie) and her child (Caroline)!

Savannah and her two children Peter and Priscilla! 

The nurses L to R
Me, Hanna, Maddie, Allison and Jessica
The nurses again with a delirious patient and his child in the corner by me! HAHA!
Anna holding Laura and Savannah holding Priscilla 

Nurse Allison in ward 3. with a lot of concerned mothers.

A easy physical therapy of ring-around-the-rosy.

Maddie helping a fainting mother

Anna, Allison and Laura (the doll)
A busy ward 1

Jessica and Ellie
Trading littlest pet shops.

Blake checking on a baby in a incubator. 

Hanna and me cataloging new children into the records.

Savannah and Anna some very tired mothers. 
A very busy busy hospital. 

Well that's it......Thankfully all the babies where cured...... Thanks to Emelie our amazing photographer for taking these amazing pictures!


  1. FUN! Love playing Hospital, haven't played it in forever! I always want to be the patient :D Haha! Love littlest pet shops! Though I don't play with them anymore *whips away a tear* I still remember having a lot of fun trading them :))


  2. it looks you all are very entertained and were enjoying playing hospital!! It looks fun! haha ;)


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