Sunday, October 14, 2012


Dear Followers!


While Mama went shopping Saturday, Papa and we kids went and sawed up some big branches that had fallen......Then we started a fire for the first time in our fireplace....... It warmed the whole house! 


We also got blessed by a huge white board that we use for our lists, etc!

Chase and Vanna all ready for cold weather!

Allison and Blake!

 Jessica, Emelie, Allison, and Chase
 My sister Emelie isn't she must cutest chic! (and wonderful photographer)
 Eating popcorn with Grandpa!
 Blake trying to escape!
 Yummiest southern breakfast ever!
 Blake not liking the camera!
 Chase loving Blake!
 Last week we filmed a short funny movie with our friends! Read all about it HERE at my BFF's blog!
 Then a afternoon with the awesome Days! COOL!
Me,Emelie,Abigail and crazy face Lily
Me, Abigail, Emelie, Allison, Lily, Noah, Hanna and My adorable brother Chase In the Captain America shirt!
I was thinking I guess! LOL and so was Abigail!
 Fall knitting!

 Emelie giving us all drawing lessons!
 Cooking! Mama and Savannah making a fantastic supper!

 Brothers are priceless!

 Jessie and Chase on the tractors!
 Blake yummy!

 How could you go with out coffee during fall!

Cool kidz!

and me again!

 And Savannah couldn't be left out!

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun (and awesome) day :)

  2. Cool! You have your fire place going. Awesome.
    I love your outfit and necklace. :P

    Drawing lessons? Sweet.

    Oh! I know. Coffee is so totally cool.:)


    Well, I am very glad you have not ended up in the slammer today. You might have, seeing that you "were" planning to come over and sleep in my sissy's bed. LOL! Just joking.


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