Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Family Fellowship Party At The Days!!!!!!!

Dear Followers
I had such  an AWESOME time at the party last night! We played girls against boys and tried to steal each other's castle (we won). Hide and seek, Freeze tag, and all kinds of cool stuff ......and then there were the games, Pie contest, Roaster wrangling, Sharp shooting contest, and a food relay! I had an awesome time hanging out with my friends especially Abigail!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures and movies of the wonderful party!


P.s. I was so sore and tired from running I woke up very late  LOL

Savannah and Liddy! BFF'S
Watching people coming in!

This video is so cute!
Very serious  judges!!!!!!!! Allison won with her bumble berry pie!

Judges Mr. Quick and Mr. Duke!
Me shooting for the first  time!!!!!

I won the sharp shooter contest I got 19 points and hit the bulls eye twice out of 3 shots! I was so excited! All the dads had to inspect it to make sure it was legit!

Abigail shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sure she would win!!!!!

Heading to go to the snack table!
Random picture of me and Abigail!
Ethan shooting, He got second place with 13 points. He is such a riot!!!!!!
Seth and Savannah!
Me and Abigail!!!!!

Abigail showing how she is going to shoot!
Jessica and Mercy!
Verity and Hanna!
Chase shooting!
Abigail and me. Love this picture!

Food time!

Abigail seeing Emelie sneaking pictures!
Now I see her *eyebrow raise* LOL

And the Rooster wrangling!


Video of the rooster wrangling!

Jessica got second place! yeah!!!!

Coming with her prize!
Claming her prize!
Jessica second Lily first NOTE: Jessica caught the fastest one!

Cute Lilly Grace!

Uriah and Lily!
The little boys played a short football game ......Jessica their only cheerleader!
Touchdown Dylon!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase going to war!!!!!!!
Now here is a cute story......Both of these little cuties belong to two different families but they "by coincidence" were dressed alike and had their hair styled the same way that day!  We had a hard time telling them apart the rest of the evening!! They are so cute!  They looked so much alike that when one of their dads came from work he picked up the wrong one and gave her a big kiss..... Then looked closer and said "this is not mine"!
Emelie right before our castle was attacked!
Playing in the dark!
Seth...not sure what or who he was talking to at that moment! LOL
Liddy and Vanna!
And the last contest the FOOD RELAY!!!!!!
Getting ready!
This picture is so funny......Benjamin is stealing baggies....Chase and Sarah are having a VERY serious conversation and Seth is attacking the players! Ha ha ha
Watching......Me with beada!

Noah was the funnest in this game!!!!!!

The left team WON!!!!!!

 Us older girls!
Abigail,Me, Michayla, Evangela,Gabby Peeking in and Emelie!
 Em with Blake!
 Guess what we are making!!!!!!!

And that was the end of the wonderful evening!

Yours Truly


  1. That looks SO FUN!!! Love all the pics and videos <3 I think it's so funny that those two little girls look so much alike :)

  2. Shooting?! How fun! And that's awesome that you won! :)

  3. Cool! Looks like so much fun! I love your new blog lay out! It is awesome!!!

    Noelle : )

  4. Rebecca Yes it was fun and I know it is so funny they look a like so much!

    Mrs. Hatcher Thanks I can't believe I won too!

    Neolle THanks! But I will probably change it I get bored fast! LOL



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