Monday, October 29, 2012


Yes!!!!!!! I made it through Monday! Wow!!!!!! I even get to post something! I'm on it today! Oh ya!!!!!!! 

Listening to----Walk On The Water by Brit Nicole
Eating- ---------Candy corn My Aunt Beverly and Uncle Toby brought the other day!
Planning to- ----go read a good book or write more of my book or go build some more of our forts
Wearing---------does it matter? LOL But I might post pictures later! :P
Wishing for-----Ice Cream!

 Have a great day and God bless


 Mmmmm Mama was making Apple Sauce.....and it smelled SO good!

 The leaves our turning colors!

Yours Truly


  1. Coool!! that applesauce looks SOOOOOO good! oh my gosh!! have a great day!


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