Thursday, September 20, 2012

And for that I am glad I am back!

 Dear Followers

It has been such a busy week and 1/2! *SIGH* I have to catch up on what has all been going on!  Emelie and I finished painting the kitchen cabinets. (sigh of relief) They look so much better! We have finally finished bringing the last of our things to the house! :) It has been so busy, tiring and exhausting but worth it! Emelie and I took a early morning ride on our bikes down our lane and it was so nice! We have been having a lot of fun adventuring in the woods and fixing up the house and Barn......... Even though it has been busy busy busy, I am happy I got at least this post in because besides the hectic moving...the computer/internet has not been working half the time so I was not able to post anything*so sad*
(so you see this is a LATE post) 
and I was reading late in the night trying to finish an awesome book that was due the next day to the library (ever have that)! So yeah you could say I've been SWAMPED. lol  :) TTYL

Here our some pictures of the cabinets, sunset and other!

(P.s These are not ALL the bedrooms and rooms. I will try to post pictures of the rest of the house soon!) :)


Here is a picture of Me and my MESSY bun!

The Sunset was beautiful last night. Emelie was able to get some shots at it!

The kitchen cabinets!



 Hillbilly Blake

Us putting the trampoline together (I love that thing)

Emelie and I showing of are delight of our new room! SISTERS!!!! 

Papa and Mama’s room. Blake sleeps in their room too FOR NOW!
Emelie’s and my room!

My Side of the room!

 Dressers and Emelie's closet door mine is farther on the right!
 Our beds with me!

 Allison and Jessica’s room

living room


 The fireplace and Mama's chair!

dining room


 Computer area!

 Chase, Jessica and Allison
 Jessie and Allison sweet sisters!
 Corky giving Angel LOVE!
 Angel and Corky
 Vanna, Me and Chase in our barn loft!

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly


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