Monday, July 23, 2012

Birmingham McWane Center 2012

Dear Followers
Last Saturday Uncle Toby, Aunt Beverly, Mama, and us kids went  to the Birmingham McWane Center! There were a ton of hands on exhibits .........We had a blast!!!!

Thanks, Aunt Beverly and Uncle Toby, for another great memory !

 Me and Vet Savannah x-raying a red panda!!!!!!
 Emelie Drawing!!!!

 This was so cool!
 Jessica going down the huge slide!

 Chase the expert Vet!
 I got eaten! :(
 The huge slide!!!!

 Savannah and Jessica the pirates
 Animal hospital!

 Savannah playing with the train!
 Chase the pirate captain

 Chase testing the bed of nails!!!

 Allison lifting her own weight!!!! We were the only kids there that could get to the top!!!!

 Soccer goalie

 Me and the slide
 Uncle Toby had to try it too!!!!!

 Frozen shadows COOL

 Tug and war


 weather kids
 weather people


 petting the sharks and sting rays.... this was my favorite part!!!!
 Playing the piano

 Emelie, Me and jessica



 Sisters having fun!

Giant Lite Brite

blowing huge bubbles

 swatting bugs

Me and Jessica

 Toby balancing
 Me in the giant bubble


 giant bass

Yours Truly

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