Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maverick :)

Dear Followers 
I have not had an update on Maverick in quite a long time so here is an update. :P
He is 2 years old now and he is really awesome. He can come, sit, down, stay, heel, and roll over on command. Me, Papa, and Emelie have been training him since 7 weeks old. :) I LOVE him. He is super gentle, loves to run and play with kids, and is a very smart quick learner and protects all of us.  His favorite toy is a blue pool pole. Let me explain............. it is a pole that used to have a basket on one end to clean the pool with and the basket was removed. Since 6 months old he has loved it. You pick up one end and he will pick up the other with his mouth and walk or trot in a circle around you or drag it off somewhere. LOL He is quite the sweetheart. He loves to go riding in the car too. YEAH he is my BABY all right and now some NEW pictures of this handsome boy. *ENJOY* 

 Such a great poser

 Me and Maverick
 Curiosity *
........... Squirrel............. JK the sweet boy in action
 Give the dog your last bite............... give the dog your last bite ..............give the dog your last bite LOL No JK when it comes to food he is quite polite :)

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