Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Chickens

These are my chickens.  They are about 2 years old.  They are Red Star and Black Star.  We sell their eggs to make money.  I usually get about a dozen each day.  I used to get close to 20, but now they've dropped production.  Getting older I guess.  Here are some pictures.


  1. Hi Marissa,

    Nice chickies!! Yes, they do slow down on the egg laying as they get older, but there is another reason too. They're not laying as much bcuz the days are shorter, and their egg laying is tied to how many hours of light they get per day. Some or all of them will stop laying over the winter, but as soon as the days start to get longer, they start laying again. Also, they might molt. They will lose a good portion of their feathers and look REALLY funny. They do it every year around autumn after they're two or so. But then, you probably already knew all this!!

    Love, Aunt Chrissie

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  3. thanks do you have chickens love


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