Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mildred Cakes??!! What is that?!?!

Some of you have asked, "what are Mildred Cakes?", so here's the official answer...

When I was very small, Mama started calling me that.
There is no such thing as a Mildred Cake, k?
You can't buy one or make one or frost one or eat one. Sorry!
It's just a cute little name she gave me, and it stuck.

Sort of like.....

Sally Jo for Allison

Tucker for Jessica

and Peanut for our cousin Arielle.

Lots of people have nicknames.....write and tell me yours!!!!


  1. you are the best sis marissa. i love you ever so you like the doll I made you????

    love Emelie

  2. Hello Marissa!
    I worked at a restaurant where there was another Beverly so the owner called me Lil' Bit because I was the younger Beverly.
    I also was called Strawberry Shortcake by a few people as a child.
    Toby was called Toad frog, Tob, the Tobester and hammerhead.
    We love you!

  3. Hi, Marissa,
    I am a friend of your Mother's.
    My first name is "Elaine" but my Dad would call me "Miscellaneous"
    (Miss Elaineous).
    A very few people also nicknamed me, "Lainey." That seems funny now, but I kind of liked it when those people called me that.
    I like your nickname. Nicknames can sometimes show that you are special to someone. Have a good week. Mrs. McDonnell

  4. Hhhmm I seem to attract nicknames from all sides.

    "spyder-slayer" came from video gaming.
    "stick boy" comes from work (Im by far the smallest in our company)
    "tt" a bunch of girls started calling me that after a blog debate about my name "bret" or "brett"?
    "b1" (bret) in school there was another (brett) he was "b2"

    Send some warm and sunshine when you get a chance, I will gladly send some cold and gray, if you want a fair trade?

    Love you,

  5. wow so many nick names that is so you all marissa


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