Monday, November 3, 2014

//I'm Back!!!!//

Hey, Guys!

Well after four months of taking a break from blogger...I am glad to be back :)
I truly have missed my blog, followers, and blog friends. So I can't wait to get back to posting!
So much has happened since I have been gone and I will list some of them for you. :)

1. Cole is 10 months now,  has four teeth and is climbing onto chairs and couches now (yikes)!

2. My sisters (Emelie and Allison) and I have started volunteering at a horse stable for mentally and physically challenged individuals! It has been a blast and I love the people and the horses so much already! Here is their website if you want to check it out H.O.P.E 

We look pretty sweaty and tired in this picture, but hey working 5 hours in 100 degrees does that :P 

3. Our family recently went to Linden, TN to a WWII reenactment and it was a blast. Hoping to go again next year and dress up! See my sisters post about it HERE (Lots of pictures) :)

4. We have had a lot of kittens born this spring and summer so there will be a lot of pictures of them! Kittens are the best!!!!!

8 cats in all and two tiny kittens underneath that pile to your left drinking the milk that spills :D

5.  Talking of new animals Jessica and I got two Rex/Dutch bunnies. The orange one is named Annie and the grayish brown one is Andy!

6. We also started renting out our guest cottage and have already got some charming new guests...Check it out HERE!

Oh! and how do you like the new blog design? My blog needed it badly so I bit the bullet and just did it :)
So look out for some more posts... 


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