Monday, January 13, 2014

//Dixie and calf updates//

Friday afternoon we got a call from our farmer friend (Mr. Jones) that his cow had another calf and was in need of us to take care of it right away because he needed the mother cow's milk for his costumers. I, of course, said "Yes!" It turns out she was 2 days old and a girl (First female cow on our farm). Well he brought her and she was tiny seeing as General (The moose) is already past my waist (but still follows me like a lazy dog) is much bigger! She had never drunk out of a bottle so for 15 minutes Jessica and I tried to persuade her to take it and and right when I was about to give up she started to drink! We were overjoyed and relieved. We named her Dixie.
She is very spunky!

 General likes her but still is a little too big/rough for her to be in the same pen.

Jessica, Dixie and I

As you can see General is getting pretty big.
You cant really see in this pic...I should do a before and after collage ;)

Jessica and Dixie
I pretty much run the cow/calf work around here and Jessica is my assistant and a pretty cute one at that...Always has my back!
Dixie and Jessica playing.

Dixie, Jessica and Annabelle

Me and Dixie

Riding General...As you can see he still loves to hide his face behind my knee since he was a baby!
Annabelle sneaking out!

Me and General my big baby boy!

Can you tell I love animal and farm life?

Have a great day and God bless!


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  1. OH, I bet you guys are having so much fun with that little calf. He looks so sweet!!
    Yea, I can see you you are just loving the farm life. Kinda miss it myself! ;)


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