Monday, December 2, 2013


Recently we have been covering our garden with fall leaves so they will fertilize and next year have richer darker soil. Every afternoon when we found the time we would take garbage bags down our lane and gather about 8 bags and then go back inside because of the cold. Well Papa woke us up early in the morning saying "Girls get up! Rain is coming and we need to cover the rest of the garden" so we all tramped outside and got down to business.


Our lane.

Hanna and Emelie



Working hard.
Some of the full bags.

Heading to the garden.


And the finished product..... Yes, everyone jumped in it when we were done! HAHA!

Even though it was fun we are glad it's done.....Now when we pass that garden we feel a sense of pride!

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  1. WOOOT! You go guys!!
    We HAVE a literal TON of leaves in out yard, and we are hopefully gonna do this sometime soon. Maybe tomorrow or something. LOL! ;)



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