Monday, November 4, 2013

//Grimmitts Fall Party//

Yesterday evening we went to My Aunt and Uncle's fall party! We had tons of fun!!!
There was tons of activities, good food and friends. 


Playing Scarecrow dress up! 
 Me, Gabby and Mikaela having a conversation.    
 Noah, Me, and Emelie on the hay ride! It was really fun. 
 Dylan, Benjamin and Nathan 
 All set up! My Aunt Bev is such a great party planner.

 Jessica found a camera!

 Hay ride!
L to R 
Emelie, Justice, Mikaela, Verity, Dylan, Nathan, Benjamin, Gabby, Hanna, Papa, Allison and Jessica's and Mary Beth's head 
 Mary Beth, Allison and Verity 
 Cricket playing in the bobbing apples! 
 Trying to crack phone passwords! 

 Apple nachos 

My famous Pumpkin Roll I make every fall/winter.


 Me, Bev, Mrs. Amber and Emelie 

So in all we had a fantastic time! 


  1. It's been such a long time since I have read your blog but it is always so fun when I come on here :D That looks sooooo fun!! Stuff like this really gets me in the mood for Fall!


    1. Hi Noelle.....Its great to hear from you!

      HAHA! Me too I can get inspiration from anything :D

      Love your name BTW.


  2. Apple nachos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! THOSE LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Sorry it was the last thing in my head when it was ready to write a comment :) LOVE the post! As always LOVE the pictures! I REALLY need to post more about family and family pictures, but yesterday we did a family photo shoot that went pretty well so hopefully I can post that! I am really behind on posts! :)


    1. Yes, the Apple Nachos were good! Another neat idea my aunt found off the internet :P

      Oh please post pictures??? Would love to see them :D

    2. I just read this post again and I am kind of wanting to eat the pumpkin roll picture, can you make this for me and send it in an email? :D We will just have to wait for that technology to come our way :)

      p.s and yes I REALLY need to post, at the moment I am sick and haven't been on in a while!

  3. Recipe for the pumpkin roll please?? :) It looks divine!

    1. Hi Anna!

      Ok here is the recipe I use..... It's very easy and I am very happy with it every time! Also the recipe calls for nuts but I have just never put them in and it turns out good with out them!!! Really need to remember to put them in next time :p

      Say Hello to your family for me!!!

      ~Marissa B


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