Friday, October 18, 2013

Just some random stuff.

Guys I have finally found time to post. *SIGH* been so busy!

Anyway this is just going to be an all over the place post, so hang with me!

It's been getting chilly around here.

Been doing a lot of thrift shopping and grabbing clearance summer clothes for next summer ;)

Been doing school.

Been hanging out in the barn in my big sweaters :D

Been making a nice warm bed for the (maybe) new litter of kittens on the way! 

Been reading while rain pours down my window! *sigh*
(BTW these are not my books.....Got this photo off the internet)

Realizing how time flies :/

Been enjoying hot tea.

Curling up with a quilt and watching a good BBC show.

Been watching the leaves change colors and fall off the trees. 

Excited for thanksgiving and holidays.

Planning our fall get-together. YAY!

Wishing for snow this winter. 

and a lot of other stuff....

So now for some questions :D

Do you like my new blog design or should I change it? (You won't hurt my feelings)

What do you like to see on this blog?

Should I do a guest post?


Hopefully in these next cozy months this is what I am changing and adding to my blog :D

1. Going to do short update videos.

2. I am not doing fashion friday every Friday....Only the Friday's that I can :D

3. Going to try to post more.


Now for some pictures and videos :D

Blake and Grandpa


A couple of Thursdays back, Mama and I went and shopped at every shoe store in town for boots.
I finally found these in JC Penny and love them

This is what happens when Annabelle is done taking videos......Paw to the camera :)

Pirate VS grass hopper

Probably the prettiest color of dish soap we have ever had!...AND  the least effective on greasy dishes!  LOL!


My big guy Maxwell came home after a hard summer of wandering... With a nice big scar on his head!

And now for a funny Tom cat by Emelie....LOL!

So yeah told you this was going to be a crazy post......What do you think?



  1. OH, yea, I know how time flies. I cannot believe I am almost in my mid-teens. hehe! :) I am offically hopeless.

    LOLZ! poor Maxwell. =D\]

    Great post! Gosh, I love sweaters. Actually wearing one right now. =D


  2. Great Post!

    and the video was so funny!

  3. HAHA! I love the Talking with Tom thing! I like random posts, I would post more but I really don't have much to post about and it takes FOREVER to upload pictures I have taken! You know what I mean :) Love it Marissa!



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