Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fun at the park.

My family went to the park today. Papa, Mama and a couple of us kids played sand volleyball while the rest of my siblings rode scooters and bikes around the park! We had a lot of fun. Then it got really really HOT! So we went to the water-park.
The kids didn't bring their swimming clothes because it was nice and cool when we left but they just jumped right in with out caring!

I of course started taking pictures as always!


Allison and Blake climbing like spiders.
Savannah and a little girl I don't know!

Blake and Savannah

Allison and Jessica

Blake and Savannah! Buddies!

Chase getting serious.

Blake and Savannah. Love Blake's face...I think he was a little excited about the water! Its like he is saying
"Oh yeah"

Oh no a big kid on the playground! LOL! I was enjoying myself a little bit here!
Chase and Jessica


Playing Volleyball

Blake and Savannah



  1. Well I really don't have to say anything, because you know exactly what I'm going to say :) Ok I will say it anyway, so cute Marissa! I love all the pictures! Yes it's been SOOO hot this last week, thankfully I think a cooler front is coming in so hopefully it will be a little cooler :)


    1. HAHA! Oh Isabelle your so funny! I usually make these posts for you!

      Yes, It better start becoming cool or I am going to get MAD!!!


  2. OH! Looks like you guys made bunches of fun!!!!! =D
    Did anyone get sunburned?!?!? I know some of my siblings did. We went to this lake/park thing last week twice with some of our church families, and got roasted slightly. hehehe!

    You are just so cute! Love the one when you are sliding on the whatever it was. LOL! So aborbs!!


    1. Yes, they did have a fantastic.... Nope no sun burnt kiddos!

      Awe! Thanks!



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