Saturday, June 29, 2013

inspirational post: Summer

Dear followers

The days here in Alabama are getting warmer! Well more like hotter! :D

Our family planted our garden a while back and I still haven't got pictures of it! But I promise TO take them soon!

SO Here are some great summer inspirational pictures I found on Pinterest/google  ;) 

I love this outfit so much!

MMMMM This strawberry smoothie and pool is calling my name!

I have an obsession with Australian shepherds and their blue eyes!

this is such a pretty dress!

These floral sunglasses are so chic! I badly need a pair!

green plants!

Blackberry ice cream! Must try!

Don't quite know why i put this picture in  this post but for some reason all of the vegetables and fruits in this picture look so inviting! What do u think?
This cute farm girl chic dress is so Adorable!

Look at this husky's puppy's eyes :O!!!!

more Sunglasses!
Have I made your mouth water yet??
Ahh! I cant wait to swim in a beautiful lake like this this summer! 

Well that's about it!

Why dont you do a summer inspirational post on your blog and add  the link in this posts comment box! I will read/look at them all! ;)

Have a great summer and have a great day!


  1. Love the pictures! Can't wait to start swimming!


  2. Loved this post!!

    Cannot wait to swim either. It has gotten SOOOOO hot!


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