Friday, March 29, 2013

Rocky and Chip

Hi Followers
Meet Rocky and Chip. They are twin brothers that we are going to be caring for and bottle feeding for 2-1/2 months for a friend that is a farmer near us. They already follow us around. Well here are some pictures *enjoy*

Chip giving love!

Rocky - he is black and a little bigger then Chip!

Chip is black but with a mix of chocolate brown. He is turning more brown by the day!

Twin brothers


Allison and I with the calves

Savannah and chip

Jessica and chip!

Me and the boys.

Yes, I kiss calves.

Emelie with Chip

Allison and Rocky

Chip having breakfast!

bottle feeding.

me and sweetheart chip!


Savannah and Rocky

Have a great day and God bless

Yours truly


  1. They are the cutest:) Baby goats and baby calves are the best creatures in the world! I have always wanted a goat but I have to be content with visiting my neighbor's animals:P

  2. Oh! I did not know y'all had cows! They are sooo cute!!!


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