Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rnadom Pictures and NEWS!

Dear Followers 
Here are some Random Pictures!

My Own Andy Griffith (seriously he is a twin to him...he dresses like him... talks like him, etc)  Grandpa Ballenger had his b-day last Saturday and had an AWESOME time celebrating! Divided the family...Pictionary, Charades & Taboo...Dad's team was the 76ers & with my head down in shame they won by 2! The score keeper did NOT cheat & no one will EVER forget the phrase "slap on the wrist" :) Lol! Love you Grandpa!

Grandpa when he was in the Korean war!

L to R Henry, Maxwell and Rosie
Me and Henry
Emelie and Maxwell
Allison and Rosie
We recently made a cat bed that is in a high place. We set a drawer on a closet and then put a bridge of boards that goes down to the ground. They love it!
Maxwell in his bed
Allison and Chase on our swing bed!
Random picture of Blake
Wal-mart fun!
Me and Blake

Brown field vs Green field......I think now is the time to sympathize with the animals in this particular bordering field.....the grass really is GREENER on the other side of the fence!
Sarah Day and Savannah at church
Thursday  Emelie and I went to a painting class at the Promenade store. It was super fun and we had a  great time even if my painting looks awful! LOL

My masterpiece.

 Then Papa picked us up and took us to Starbucks


Me enjoying my coffee

And now for some sad news. On Thursday at 4:00 my dear Grandpa Nymeyer died. Even through he shall be missed we know he is in a better place! Love you Grandpa!

Grandma and Grandpa!

 My mom's side of the family...... Just missing one sister!

So now peeps just to tell you I won't be posting soon because we will be very busy getting things done for the funeral ETC! 

Have a great day and God bless!

Yours Truly
Marissa Kathryn


  1. LOVE your cats!! Great vintage pics too.

  2. I can tell you love your cat & little Blake! So sweet :)

    We LOVE Alabama & head to orange Beach often...going in June :)

    Blogs By Kids has a nail art giveaway if you are interested!


  3. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!
    Love your hair! Is all that lovely curl natural?? It is gorgeous!

  4. Just saw this post. :)
    Luv the barn pics. And the cats r too sweet!!

    BTW, luv your cross. :)


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