Thursday, January 10, 2013

Papa and Jessica's B-day'!

Dear Followers 
Today Papa turned 42 and Jessica turned 8!!!!!  
(they share a birthday)

Jessica wanted to make a special B-day Breakfast so she made Pancakes!

The table
 The chef at work!

This Afternoon!

They choose a yellow cake with Chocolate icing!!!! It was delicious!
 Papa bought the candles when he came home from work and Jessie loved them!!!!!
 Papa and Jessica

 Getting ready to blow
 and blowwwww!!!!
 My yummy cake and Milk!
 Papa excited about the bible Hanna gave him!!!

 The cake disappearing!
 Papa opening his present from Mama!

 And it is a .........
Tap Dancing To Work by Warren Buffett!

Jessica opening Mama's present!
 Papa seeing she is doing it wrong and gives a quick lesson!
 Then she opens!
 And she got a brand new spankin bible case!!!

Have a great day and God bless

Happy Birthday Papa and Jessica!

Yours Truly


  1. Happy Birthday to your two family members! It's so neat that your sister and dad share the same birthday : )

    Leah Nicolette

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