Sunday, December 2, 2012


Random Post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pumpkin Pie!
Allison preparing the plates!

Jessica with her dolls!

This is an interesting story ...........We kids ave been making short movies for our parents and they're not very good but getting BETTER..... well anyway Emelie wanted to know if she could make a costume so I let her do that and my hair!

The skirt was made out of curtains and held by only safety pins!  Then this shirt was mine and the cardigan was a summer one that will probably not fit me next SUMMER! LOL What do you think?

Also we have been helping Papa paint an office suite in a historic building every afternoon! It is going to be an antique shop! It has been such fun! I love working beside my Dad! Here are some pictures of the office and us!

 looking in from the door!
 The left side
 The right side
 Me doing trim!
 From the back room view!
 Poppy seed cake! :)

 Also The younger children have invested in paints and paint brushes! So they have had lots of fun creating master pieces! 

All the artists at work!

 Chase and Jessica!
 Allison and Savannah!
 Jessica with her master piece! .......her on her boat!
 Here are some paintings that have made the WALL OF FAME! Another of Jessie's paintings!
one of Allison's paintings
 Chase and his creation. He said he is in the submarine and the boy on top is Josiah Day!
 Savannah and her master piece
 Closer picture!
 Hanna and her outside Christmas tree!

Allison and her masterpiece!

All these paintings made the wall!

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly


  1. What great photos! You guys are doing great work with all that painting for your father's antique shop. I'm certain he really appreciates all your hard work. :)

    And the paintings are wonderful! So colorful and creative.

  2. Oh sorry about not being clear on the subject he is painting for a lady that is opening a antique shop! :)

  3. Hello! Thanks for following my blog! The trim looks great!

  4. I am a new reader! And, I have to ask - is your hair naturally that curly? It is soo pretty! I have naturally curly hair but it is in a LOT looser ringlets!

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your hair!!! And the costume! Emelie is a genius!!

  6. Thank you for following my blog:) You have a very nice blog yourself and you have such pretty hair! :)

  7. Every time i look at your blog, i think, I want hair like that! hahah :) i think your dress that Emelie made is beautiful. when i looked at the pic, i couldn't even tell!


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