Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Emelie!

Hey, Guys it is my Sister's 16TH birthday!!!!!! She is like the most awesome  girl I have ever met. She is my best friend other then God  and my parents! She laughs at my jokes..........She cries when I cry and she is the one that will stand with me when I'm in trouble. She enjoys the things I LOVE and even if she doesn't enjoy it as much as me she still goes on smiling! She is Gorgeous, Beautiful, Adorable and cute!!!!!!!Soooooo, technically what I am saying is she is the BESTTTTTTT SISTER EVVVVVERRRRRR!!!!! And that's not all the awesome stuff but I can't write it all down!!!!!

Love you EMELIE!!!!!!!!!

Emelie and me

P.s.  I think it would be really fun if everyone sent her a Happy  Birthday email!!! She will be so surprised!!!! Here's her

Thank you in advance!

It will make her day!!!!

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly

P.P.S.S. Emelie I was going to hack your account/blog but decided against it so Now you know how much  I love you lol!!!!


  1. aww....that is sooo sweet!!!! tell her happy birthday for me : )


    Noelle : )

  2. sisters are awesome!
    Happy Birthday to yours :)16 is an exciting age!

  3. Oh that's awesome!! Happy birthday Emelie! I just realized that I turned 13 this year, and so did you, and my sister, Hannah, turned 16 this year and so did your sister! :)


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