Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter fashion outfit 2!

Here is my second Winter fashion outfit!

Yours Truly


  1. Oh my goodness! I love it sooooo sooo much! It is beautiful! I would totally wear something like that! Where do u get ur clothes?! Oh yeah...btw.. i live in Virginia! I wish we lived in the same state so we could meet each other : )

  2. SOOO CUTE! omgoshhh... ur SO fashionable! i loveee ittt :) you're so beautiful :) have a great day!

    Issy <3

  3. Neolle Your comment is so AWESOME Thank you! To be honest I usually get my clothes from hand me downs from my older sister and she got it from ether friends or from a thrift store!
    and then I get my clothes from consignment shops and thrift stores mostly! :) But some times I am spoiled and get clothes from Old navy, JCpenny etc sooooo I hope that answers your question thanks again God blESS

    Thanks Your so sweet.... I never knew I was fashionable! Thank you so much!

    Girls you have made me so happy you are so beautiful inside and out to say such words of kindness to me I am sooooo glad I have such sweet and awesome followers like you girlys

    Love you 2

    XOXOXOXO Marissa

  4. Yes, I wish we could meet each other oh well :(

  5. This is so cute! oh, and I love your curly hair... :)

  6. Awwwwwww Thanks Jo your sweet comment made my dayyyyy!!!!!!!!


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