Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wednesday fun!

Last Wednesday my aunt brought her nephew (Noah) from South Carolina by to visit. He had been visiting for Thanksgiving! We have known him since we were little soooo it was tons of fun! The activities were Jumping out of the barn loft, An intense game of hide and seek/freeze tag, and archery lessons!
Hereare some pictures 


Emelie, Allison, Jessica,Noah and Me
Funny Picture :p



Looking out over the pasture

Archery practice


Planning what to do next

Blake and Bev!

Racing through the pasture trying to get to the barn......we were starting a game of Hide and Seek/Freeze Tag

Noah Running/

Me in pursuit

Jessica almost got him!!!!!!

Chase pulling the little ones in our little red wagon

Me.......Emelie, Jessica and I were hiding in the woods and decided to take a few pictures!


Noah showing us how it's done.

Hanna getting ready to shoot

Chase getting ready to shot!


Making more arrows.....(we used sticks we found in the pasture for arrows.....they worked beautifully!)


Making homemade granola bars!
! YUMMY! Noah playing drums on the oatmeal lid! :)

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly

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