Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crazy Black Friday!

Dear Followers

Last Friday Papa took, Emelie, Me, Hanna, Allison, Jessica and Chase

to go for the first time to Wal-mart for Black Friday. The parking lot was packed and we saw Bev and Toby there. It was really fun! 

They had The sale items wrapped in plastic and wal-mart workers guarding them before the sale started! :) 

The people were crazyyyyyyyyyyy!

Allison, Aunt Bev, Me and Emelie in the parking lot of wal-mart.  We didn't get Chase,Jessica,Papa,Toby and Hanna
in this picture I'm sorry to say!

Me in my cat hat! :p
 more people
 Toby a little tired of shopping!
 Me and Emelie
 Angry Bird hats
L to r
Me,Allison,Hanna,Emelie and Jessica in the very front!

 I wished we could have gone to more stores but unfortunately we couldn't Oh wellll


Have a great day and God bless

P.s. No we didn't buy anything! Are you kidding - it's dangerous!  lol!

Yours Truly


  1. I have not been black friday shopping before, but I really want to go next time! We were on vacation, during thanks giving, and it was kinda in the middle-of-nowhere-mountains, soooo, yeah. hhaha :) But it looks like you had a super time! :)

    1. Oh..... if you go you will have such a blast.....wish we lived close then we could go together :) luckyyyyyyyy wish I could go on a vacation! Lol

      Have a great day and god bless


  2. yes, it would be soooo much fun if we went together!


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