Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BIG CATCH UP!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Followers

I have been gone for so long ....well not that long but close.  Anyway this post is going to be catching up on all the stuff we have been doing and just posting pictures! *ENJOY*

Emelie decorated our mirror and around it recently because it was so plain.  She used cute wallpaper to go around the mirror and pictures. I love it! and yes we did mount the mirror with hooks! :)

Grandpa brought his tractor and and he and Papa bushhogged our pasture around the barn and made trails through the woods.  We would have done more but that afternoon we had a party we were going to! so Oh well. Here are some pictures! It looks great :)
 The front Pasture!
 Right side view of the back
 Left side barn!
 One of the trails
Back pasture!
Blake is turning 1 next week!!!
We went to Cullman late one night and the Christmas lights were so beautiful. We went into all the small shops!
 Chase,Allison,Me Holding Savannah, Hanna and Jessica
 Me and Allison
 Walking downtown!

Me and Emelie ready to go see Bridge street! :p

We went to Bridge Street mall to see the lighting of the tree.  The tree was beautiful. They had snow machines going, and hot chocolate yummmmmm (even though I burnt my tongue lol) 

 Christmas Tree!
 Emelie and me
 Emelie and me
 My family
 Allison and Chase (what is up with Chase's face lol)
 Me drinking my heavingly hot coco!
 The christmas tree
 This is for Aunt Beverly and Uncle Toby if you guys haven't already seen it :p
 Carolers on the bridge ......They remind me of the carolers off the movie, A Christmas Carol

 This musician was so good and his music was gorgeous 

 So All in all we had an awesome time!


and while were in the christmas spirit I justed wanted to Share our most beloved christmas movie 
The Christmas Card!!!!!! <3 b="b">

U most watch!


Me and Blake
 and then just me!

And then Emelie and Hanna went out in the woods and got all these beautiful leaves, branches, and pine cones and made this mantel decoration - isn't it creative!
 Emelie hard at work!

And then this cozy fire!
 Allison the second best fire maker!
 Me and Savannah!
 And then me


And Sunday night some of our DEAR friends the Kallaps came to vist and we had an awesome time......POST COMING SOON!


WOW hope you made it through that HUGE post lol

well, until next time... Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly


  1. I love the BBC, but the absolute BEST Dickens movie ever is Muppet Christmas Carol. Miss Piggy as Mrs. Crachett... Epic!


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