Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Dear Followers 
Here are some pictures I took today of myself! 

 Here's a close up of my neckless!

Yours Truly


  1. You're beautiful gal! :P Really!
    Love the necklace. So cute. Did you make it?

    You have 34 followers!! WOW!

  2. Cool! U r so pretty! I love your necklace! and i love your skirt ; )

    Noelle : )

  3. You are so beautiful! I love your hair too!

  4. Abilaine Thank you you are so sweet! No The neckless came from a shirt a bought at jcpenny outlet!

    Noelle Thank!

    Rebecca Thank you! My hair takes a lot to take care of but I loe it!

    and a note to all you gals you are beautiful, Cute and adorable!

    Have a great day and God bless


  5. Hi! :) Thanks for following my blog! Now I'll follow yours!

    ~ Jess

  6. Just saw your email!

    All I can say is that I love you. What in the world would I do without you gal?

    And I loved doing your hair. It was so fun to work with someone else's hair for a change. And to your question "what can I do for you".

    You can just be my friend and laugh when I laugh. And cry when I cry. And go crazy over October BABY as much as I am. LOL!

    You have done so much for me. I felt like I need to do more for you. :P

    Cannot wait to see you on Saturday! ;)


    P.S. please do send those pics. :)

  7. "Is that you, Desmond?"

    =) LOL! =)

  8. Jess You welcome! Thanks for following!


    Oh good u did get it! Oh my I love your more most and better then you! Good I didn't want you to not wont to do my hair and I was like forcing you :) Ok I can do that! Just call me up if you need anything I will be there! Oh I already share your love of OctoberBABY! :P Really! Your the one that was by my side when I had no friends in Texas (well I did have a few) So I love you BFF and your the most beautiful girl I ever know! Your a angel! Can't wait ot see you!

    Ha ha


    P.s. I sent them did you get them?


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