Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dear Followers
I have had such a busy and awesome week!
Here are some RANDOM pictures of the week!

1. Mama refinished a set of dressers for her room! 

 After.  Is this cute or what!

2. We Babysat the Day kids for a day - it was a blast........ Here all of us girls except Rebecca and Jessica rode in one van  and the boys and 2 girls rode in the other van with Papa...... Here we are waiting for Mama to finish shopping at SAVE-A-LOT.

Crazy Kids!

Me Baby sitting this little doll Rebecca aka Beada!
Rebecca "please put me down this is embarrassing.... I am too much of a lady for this" LOL

3. Blake had such a fun time playing in Uncle Toby's Truck!

Excuse Me!
Blake with his toys Hammer, Measuring tape, and keys

MMMMMM this tastes good!

4. Raidroad Fun!

Playing! I must get it!
 Sweet success!

Cute little guy!

Playing is hard work!

5. New pictures of me!

6. We watched OCTOBERBABY it was such a great movie. You must watch it!

7. Trampoline fun

Me, Allison and Emelie having fun on the Trampoline!

8. Aunt Beverly and Grandma came over and brought Savannah her B-day Gifts and tons of great goodies! It was such fun to have them over! Love you BEV!

9. I will probably have a pretty busy weekend because we are filming a video for our friends' Fall Party we are planning with them! 

Have  a great day and God bless

Yours Truly

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