Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving Adventures~

Dear Followers
Friday evening after Papa came home from work we went and got the moving truck! We work together pretty well but we just were never cut to move a lot! LOL We then remarkably got all of our STUFF packed tight in the truck! We were exhausted.  Then we found the van wouldn't start due to a bad battery, so Papa jumped the Van and we headed home.  Papa got us all Ice Cream afterwards so it was all worth the effort!  Saturday morning we got up early and got the packed truck and went to OUR house! The whole day we unpacked, lifted, pushed, pulled, and almost lost the Piano off the moving ramp! We got it all done through, even through a few sprinkles from the sky half way through! Then we took all of our storage stuff to a storage unit right on our road (That was a blessing) Well the owner said to pick any unit that did not have a lock on it! We picked one and loaded the few items we needed in there.........and closed the door and what do you Know..... it had a  broken lock mechanism, so there was no way we could lock it up and  we were not leaving our preious belongings to THIEVES LOL So we found a different one and reloaded every thing in that one! Well then we had to return the moving truck.  There is this little hill sloping from the storage units to the road....and everything was going just fine untiiiiiiiiil, the bumper of the truck caught on the hill, and the back wheels were about 2 inches off the ground, spinning.  To make a long story short, we spent the next hour digging (yes, with a shovel and children's hands) out.  Our very nice new neighbor stopped to help, and after an hour of pain and suffering, we rode off into the sunset! Tomorrow we get to UNPACK! That part I REALLY enjoy! I love to decorate and set up rooms! That is one of my strong points in life!   And that concludes our adventures for today, folks!  Goodnight, and God Bless!

Special Credit to Emelie or taking and editing these great Pictures!

P.s. We got a new car Battery! :)



Allison having fun!

Savannah, Jessica and Hanna

Adorable Savannah!

Me sweeping the storage unit!

Yours Truly


  1. The little girl is sooooo cute! Love ur blog!! Oh quick question:

    Where did u get ur adorable cursor for ur blog??

    I have one from but none of them were as cute as urs!!!

    Noelle : )

  2. Thank you she is as sweet as she is cute!
    Thank you!

    I got it from totally free cursors here is the link!

    Does that answer your question! :)

    Have a great day and God bless



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