Monday, September 24, 2012

I Have Been Awarded!

Dear Followers

I have been kindly awarded by the Keller Girls Hannah, Sarah and Ruth of
And therefore I am to answer 5 questions Hannah, Sarah and Ruth asked me (smile) and then award 5 other people! Thanks you For awarding me Girls!  So here we go!


1.) Skirts or Jeans? 
I don't know.... Skirts can be so cute and lady like, but if you are riding a horse or climbing trees or riding a bike, it would be so much more modest to wear jeans, so I don't quite know! both
2.) Cats or Dogs
I love both but I guess Dogs
3.) Cows or horses?
Horses even though milk cows and calves are so sweet!
4.) Wood floors or carpet?
definitely wood floors
5.)  Who do you like best? Hannah, Ruth or Sarah? (Just kidding =D)

5.) Rain or sun?

Okay now to award 5 other people

Have a great day and God bless

P.s I do think I am Artsy! LOL

Yours Truly



  1. So, what questions do i answer??? Thanks soo so much for awarding me....i appreciate it!!!

    Noelle : )


  2. The questions That I answered! You welcome........ Have a great day and God bless



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