Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is a blog, but what say you to a vlog?

Dear Followers

I have recently seen that vlogs are a very fun, informal way to answer lots of questions and let your readers see a bit about you. I believe a blog is a blog, and that blogger is not vlogger, but if people post other videos on their blogs, surely a random vlog won't hurt? 

And frankly, it sounds like fun.

So this is when you all come in. I'm planning on doing a Q&A vlog some time soon (I hope), and I need your help, because it's pretty hard to do a Q&A vlog when there are no Q's. And A's don't stand too well on their own. Trust me, I know. Take this from someone who often falls into the trap of thinking that they know all the answers sometimes. : ) 
I realized that I had Twenty followers (and more!) the other day, (thank you all heaps!), so this is also for you too, for you to ask what questions you've wanted to.

So, if there's anything you want to know about me (i.e. what my favorite book is, my knitting hat techniques, what I had for breakfast etc anything you can think of), leave it in a comment below, and I'll try to answer it. 
Oh, and have fun. : )

P.s Many thanks To Sarah
That wrote this post and let me copy it because I was greatly delighted by it!

Yours Truly

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